Best Makeup Tips for Hiding Signs of Aging in Older Skin

Many women over the age of 40 have issues with makeup, since the techniques that they applied while younger no longer work, or look good on them. Many women have questions, such as what the best makeup for wrinkles is, or whether makeup actually causes wrinkles. These questions tend to miss the point, as they are focused on the purchase of good cosmetics, as opposed to the application of quality make up techniques. Many women try to hide their fine lines unsuccessfully by applying makeup fillers for wrinkles, or trying to cover wrinkles with makeup, yet this is not what you want to be doing. Following these tips and tricks, below will have you feeling reinvented in your makeup application, and looking better than ever.


1. Use Less Foundation

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Using less foundation as you age is important, (and is the first step to the anti aging make up technique ), since as the day goes on, the foundation has a tendency to "crack" emphasizing the wrinkles in the skin as opposed to hiding them. As opposed to using less foundation, you can try diluting it with a moisturizer to create a sheer, modern appearance. Be sure to apply makeup down your neck so it appears as no makeup is being worn.


In addition, using moisturizer with your foundation helps keep your skin healthier, as that older skins require more moisture. This will keep your skin looking softer and more beautiful. Be sure to purchase high quality, good cosmetics, that will keep your skin from drying out.


2. Use Concealers Lightly

Using concealers can be tricky, as they have a tendency to fill into lines in wrinkles in your face more easily. Using small amounts and blending well is paramount. You should not try to use make up fillers for wrinkles, since the best wrinkle filler is good preventative care, or specialized products that help cure them. Since concealers are typically used in smaller amounts, purchasing good cosmetics in the concealer category is less important than it is for foundation.


3. Avoid Shimmery Eyeshadow

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Although they may have worked for you in the past, eyeshadows with frost, shimmer, or glitter should be avoided, as like concealers, the shimmer can get into the lines on your skin, and accentuate them. This defeats anti aging make up techniques and will make you appear older than you otherwise do. Purchasing matte colors will more easily complement you skin, and is an important part of anti aging make up.



4. Alter Your Lipstick Color

Similar to the need to change up your eyeshadow color, picking a new lipstick that compliments your aging features is a must, since as you age, your skin tone and lip size changes. Look for lipstick colors that lighten your face and compliment the other aspects of your makeup choice. Similar to mixing foundation with moisturizer, looking for lipstick with moisturizing components is important, as this will keep your lips from wrinkling, and is one of the best makeup tricks for older wrinkled skin. As opposed to wondering how to cover wrinkles with makeup, using this trick will work as a good "wrinkle filler" by brightening your entire complexion.


5. Apply Mascara

Although many women have always applied mascara, it is an even more important type of makeup for older skin than it is for younger for younger skin. As you age it is important to focus on applying one to two coats of mascara and ensuring that you cover even the smallest eyelashes. This will help emphasize the size of your eyes, making you look more youthful. Choosing good cosmetics for this is important, as a mature woman, you do not want to appear classless in your make up selection. Low quality mascara has a tendency to stand out.


6. Remember to Blush Carefully aging skin beauty techniques

Pick a blush that has more pink tones to it, this will help brighten up your facial skin tones and you will look up to ten years younger in turn. However, since these peach undertones are more likely to contrast your skin as you age, be sure to blend it in carefully to make it look natural. This will do wonders as a wrinkle and fine line filler as well has hiding wrinkles in general.


Hopefully these makeup tips were helpful for you. Many of these tricks can help hide signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and more. If used correctly, these tips will have others asking how you got this specialized anti aging makeup. However, even though these makeup tips can do a lot to help hide signs of aging, it is important to remember to take steps to keep your skin healthy, such as applying moisturizer. Check out our home wrinkle prevention tutorial to find good tips and tricks on how to do this. Be sure to purchase good cosmetics for maximum results from these techniques.

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